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Telecoms, Media, High Tech

In practically no other branch of industry is the pace of change as high as in IT and Telecommunications market. Central trends, such as Mobile Telephony, Social Media or Cloud Computing dramatically change the rules of the game and the business models

Social, Mobile, Cloud – are you ready?

According to a recent survey of the trade association bitkom, Cloud Computing, Mobile, IT-Security and Social Media are currently the most important themes for business organizations in IT and Telecommunications industries. Business models which were established and viable for many years become worthless in no time, the rules of the game for the market players have changed fundamentally, market barriers to entry are, to a large extent, non-existent.

Nevertheless, despite all these changes there are emerging at the same time great opportunities for business enterprises. We help you to identify and assess these trends, to analyze the consequences which follow for your business model and investment, and to provide support in managing the changes needed to enable you to develop capabilities to seize the new and abundant opportunities.

Our portfolio of deliverable advisory services is highly varied

  • Market research and –analysis
  • Product development and Service design
  • Development of Market Entry strategies
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer loyalty and reactivation of latent customer base
  • Management of change processes

Especially in a technology driven environment, it is of central importance to place the needs of the customers and their satisfaction highest on the list of strategic priorities. With our advisory approach, such as Customer Experience Analytics, we create the essential data and information that enable you to learn what you need to know about the way buyers feel about your products and services. What can we do for you?