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Lead generation

In marketing, the generation of leads belongs to the most important but also to the most difficult tasks. You can create value by making use of STRATECO’s know-how and experience in optimizing the resource allocation process for lead generation.

Marketing doesn’t provide enough leads!

This complaint is well-known to every Marketing Manager. Today, marketing means generating more leads, faster and at lower cost, and, if you please, at best, of high quality. This is a real stretch which cannot be achieved without the right strategy and the deployment of the required tools.

STRATECO helps you to meet this challenge. Working together with you, we design and implement, and if necessary, operate a lead generating process which is aligned with your products and your target customer groups. Essentially in such a case the solution means finding the "right mix", using Content Marketing, Social Media but also live Promotional Occasions and Events. Not to be forgotten are also the infinite possibilities in the area of Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing. We have tools to enable you to find the balanced mix of possibilities which produces good results!

Our design and implementation always has the entire lead generation process in focus – because the right balance between quantity and quality must be assured. Many unqualified leads may at first appear to be a good outcome-but sooner or later when the attempt is made to convert them into value adding transactions, reality sets in. Consequently we attempt to set up an efficient Lead Management Process, which in the end delivers the desired lead quality. This simplifies the work of the Sales-Team, and, at the same time, it saves costs.

STRATECO offers you more than 10 years of experience in the field of Lead Generation. From the strategy conception to implementation, in both B2B and B2C segement, across all branches and throughout Europe. Our competence is your competitive advantage!