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Speech Analytics

Nothing provides you with more honest feedback to your business than the voice of your customers. We help you to systematically analyze information from the dialog with your customers and to learn what is useful for the optimization of your business from the insights gained!

Listen closely to your customers!

Customer service is rapidly becoming a competitive advantage for business organizations. Through ever faster information exchange, thanks to the internet available on PC’s and mobile devices, the expectations of customers is permanently rising. Customer Service Organizations are constantly facing new challenges, and the call volume is rising significantly.

The impact is: increase storage and processing capacity requirements of the audio archive, higher demands on quality control, and consequently a greater need for automation.

Speech Analytics effectively analyzes conversations from your customer contacts via telephone and transforms the content into strategically useful data for all lines of business and functional areas. The content of conversations is automatically assigned to categories which facilitate the filtering to determine the reasons for the calls, to consider causes for peaks in calling frequency, and to gain additional information, such as relevant competing offerings of rivals.

By means of the Analyze Tool, the digitally recorded conversations are interpreted in a way that takes direct aim to improve products, processes and customer experience - and conversely to heighten the frequency of "first contact resolution".

The advantages of implementing SCEA Speech Analytics

  • hidden trends and developments can be extracted from the vast number of telephone conversations, so that revenue potential or market risks can be uncovered
  • market research can be carried out regularly and cost-effectively on the basis of own, target group specific data so that key metrics or early warning indicators can be developed
  • valuable knowledge "between the lines" of the text of the calls is generated and made available to the entire firm, ranging from allowing success control of marketing campaigns to controlling the process deficits of billing routines and finally to monitoring the competition
  • low operating costs, quick return on investment, data security and other profitable advantages