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Management Coaching

The unique combination of specialized branch expertise and many years of coaching experience form the basis of our Coaching Methodology.
We convert your challenges into operational task modules!

Because people make decisions...

Business organizations don’t by themselves determine their path-it is the people in the firms who make decision on a daily basis. We support your staff by helping them to make the CORRECT decisions. Without methodology we design and implement routines not only for your senior management but also for your staff, which enable them to learn how to act responsibly at all times and to adapt easily to the changes in the organization’s daily activities. With this methodology you make more intensive use of the strengths of your people and you realize the advantages of eliminating their weaknesses. Our PERSONAL COACHING channels this into a constructive process which make the most valuable asset in your firm even more valuable: your People!

Because continual change is the only constant...

Changes are part of the everyday life of a business organization – for that reason CHANGE MANAGEMENT plays a major role in a firm. We help you to design and implement the processes that enable you to shape CHANGE successfully. It is because change requires responsible senior management that is able to monitor and clearly signal the path the change process needs to take by integrating staff and Teams in the design phase. This begins with communication and information models and by no means ends with building Teams and supporting them. So that you can master these challenges alongside your “Daily Business” and in order for you to maintain the necessary objectivity for many decisions that have to be taken, we develop a customized concept for you!

Because individual solutions are the answer...

Every organization is confronted with individual challenges. Our portfolio includes a variety of advisory modules from which we can construct customized solutions:

  • Personal Coaching – individual personality development for staff and managers
  • Team Coaching – formation of stable and efficient Teams stabile und efficient Teams; optimization of the interaction of team members
  • Change Management – Conceptualization and Execution of behavioral change processes in Teams and Organizations
  • Presentation training – consisting of content, form and personal style so that the presenter gains the confidence of the audience