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Lead Management

Generating leads is not complicated, but the process of following up on them to successfully close a transaction is not so simple. Efficient lead management reduces the number of necessary contact initiatives and reduces the number of lost leads!

Registering leads is not enough – it all depends on how you follow up!

Our experience shows that many firms are still using their lead generation methods and processes that were developed years ago. The results are often characterized by high termination rates or high number of rejected leads. One study by Sirius Decisions found that only 20% of the leads registered by marketing were followed up by the people responsible for sales. From these leads that were followed up, more than 70% were eventually rejected mainly on grounds of a too low probability of success.

The core of this problem lies in the long and drawn out, error-prone processes, in which only insufficiently qualified leads are transferred to sales. It is only all too understandable that sales who have had such a poor experience tend to try to "cherry pick" the leads from the data delivered, and thus avoids touching most of the leads in the first place.

More successful is a Lead Management process, in which the individual elements of Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring and Reporting are coordinated in a common process and are holistically viewed as complementary. The goal is to identify qualified leads so that only the most promising are consistently transferred to sales, and furthermore, makes the entire process more transparent.

Lead Management

Lead Nurturing ensures that a contact is not simply transferred "cold" without any elaboration, but rather is made available only after it has been enriched with further, valuable information. Contacts are no longer exclusively passed along based on a single activity; instead, the information quality is enhanced within the framework of a Nurturing Process.

Data generated is processed in the form of a Scoring model before the data is transferred. In the course of this routine, data on all relevant measurable activities of a contact are gathered and finally summarized in an attractiveness indicator. It is only when a defined threshold value has been reached that the lead is transferred - fully automatically. Based on the score, it can quickly and transparently be determined whether a lead is an attractive prospect or needs to be further qualified. The Scoring can further be deployed to trigger and carry out an automated campaign.

The Reporting ensures that all participants, whether Marketing, Sales, or Management, can take note of what is happening in the process. In this way it is possible to monitor how many leads are in the different phases of the process, which marketing activities have generated successful leads and what the successful closing rates are for the different campaigns.

STRATECO supports you in all efforts to analyze your current lead process and to develop solutions that are appropriate for your needs. As a neutral mediator, we can do what is necessary to make processes simpler, to define mutually agreed targets, and to improve the overall efficiency of lead management!